About us

What is ESAP?

ESAP is a multifaceted platform and knowledge hub for animal scientists, policy makers, researchers and academia, farmers, pastorals and private sector working in the sphere of animal agriculture on the overarching goal-sustainable and resilient animal agriculture in Ethiopia.

Established in July 1990, ESAP is accredited with a legal status and registered with the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency - Certificate No.0270. There are over 800 registered members of ESAP.   

Vision Statement :

ESAP envisions being a reliable and dependable society representing the interest of its members and contributing to the development of animal agriculture in Ethiopia.

  • 'Members First': promote and protect the interest of our members;

  • Fairness and equity: we believe in exercising and promoting impartiality among members in color, gender, religion, political affiliation, physical ability and others;

  • Transparency and accountability: transparency and accountability to our members and partners and stakeholders

  • Partnership and collaboration: promote harmony, collaboration and team spirit within and outside ESAP; and

  • Gender equity: ensuring gender equality in governance system and operational programs.

Strategic intent:

  • Strategically move to ensure 'Members First' through advancing and protecting members interest and rights;

  • Provide forums for continual exchange and dissemination of research ideas, findings and observation where scientific discourse on current issues of animal production and related topics is promoted.

  • Promote the advancement of animal production through quality research and development interventions; and

  • Encourage and reward exemplary research and development undertakings.

Activities and Services:

  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas and a place to share knowledge on livestock agriculture and related topics;

  • Play a major role in livestock development advocacy;

  • Knowledge generation and dissemination through knowledge sharing on research and development issues; and

  • Publications on annual ESAP conference proceedings, Ethiopian Journal of Animal Production(EJAP) and quarterly ESAP newsletter.

Key achievements:

  1. Serving as reliable and dependable platform for the members and partners for more than two decades to share knowledge and learning on animal agriculture in Ethiopia;

  2. Organized and led 18 national conference focusing on pertinent livestock related issues and disseminated various publications including policy and research recommendations;

  3. Initiated the first Journal, Ethiopian Journal of Animal Production(EJAP) and disseminated publications;

  4. Quarterly Newsletters to update members and partners on recent developments in animal agriculture.

  5. Prepare and publish various manuals on livestock production and breeding, which are useful for small farmers and pastoralists as well as private sector;

  6. ESAP hosted and organized the 5th All African Conference on Animal Production(AACAP) jointly with the 18th ESAP Annual Conference in partnership with the Federal Democratic Republic Ministry of Agriculture, All African Society for Animal Production(AASAP), and partners.  

  7. Widening and deepening partnership on the livestock development arena in country and abroad; and

  8. Establishment of "Pasture and Range land Forum Ethiopia"